The Royal Crest Room is a place where you can transform your vision to a reality.  Every couple has their own unique details that make their wedding stand out from others. Dessert is an easy and delicious way to leave a lasting impression.

From the beginning of time, wedding cakes have been a tradition and focal point at every wedding.  From the first slice to feeding each other to smashing it in each other’s face, it is something that is expected. But what if you don‘t like cake?? Why are you expected to pay tons of money because it is a tradition? Well in the last few years, couples have been taking it upon themselves to make their own traditions and forego having a wedding cake.

We have had so many couples at The Royal Crest Room who went this unique and tasty route. Erika and Ben were married at the venue in September 2015 and did a “First Scoop”. The couple loves ice cream and wanted this sweet treat the day of their wedding. Instead of a knife and server, they used an ice cream scoop and are able to use it at every anniversary!

Victoria and Leonard are huge Cheesecake fans! For their June 2016 wedding, they provided multiple cheesecake flavors from their favorite restaurant. We displayed them on multiple levels to give the table dimension. It was a big hit!

Kassie and Bobby were married in October 2018 and offered their guests Bundt Cakes! There were assortments of mini bundt cakes for the guests to choose from. They also had two bundt cakes stacked on top of one other as their “wedding cake”. It was their way to continue a tradition but in a unique way.

A super popular trend these days is donuts! For my own wedding in March 2018, I had multiple platters and stacked a variety of yummy donuts for my guests to enjoy! They were able to pick and choose from the many different flavors. But tradition is important to me, so I also provided a small wedding cake. I displayed the cake in the middle and placed the donut platters on either side of the cake. You can’t go wrong with a fruity pebble donut and a slice of guava cheese filled cake.

There are so many desserts to choose from when it comes to your wedding day. Don’t let tradition deter you from having the delicious sweet treat you desire.