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Hello, my name is Karen and my joy and privilege has been to be the Director of Events at The Royal Crest Room since its inception. 

You’re most likely here because you are caught up in the wonderful world of weddings! Dreaming of your own wedding or helping a daughter or son, sibling, cousin, best friend, or client plan their wedding. Yes, we know – every engaged person can’t help themselves from dreaming of their Big Day — probably every waking moment of every day. And I remember being that same way – these are fun, exciting times!

It seems that when you’re not looking at wedding gown and tuxes, or Pinterest for inspiration – you find yourself feeling just a little anxious, wondering how everything will fall in place! You’re hoping there’s a perfect place that just feels right – like your favorite comfy chair to snuggle in, your go-to friend who listens and hears you like nobody else! Yes — that type of wedding venue does exist! You’re in the right place and we’re so glad you’re here!  

After being one of the busiest wedding venues in Central Florida for over 10 years now, you might wonder if our team might be in ‘automatic pilot’ mode when it comes to weddings, right?! The reality is – no way! It is amazing to be a part of so many incredible couples’ Biggest Days Ever! The joy, the excitement, the tears, the first dances, the moments that take your breath away…. we love it all. Even after 11 years, we still can’t get over the fact that we have been trusted with hosting over 1,300 weddings!! We do not take what we do lightly.

The friendships and experiences that we’ve created with our RCR Couples last far beyond the wedding day and we believe that’s how it should be! We’re excited for you to keep scrolling to learn more about how being an RCR Bride or RCR Couple isn’t your typical wedding experience; it’s so much more!




After 11 years in business & hundreds of weddings, we feel like we’ve been just adding to our family photo album with all our lovely couples’ weddings. We thought you’d like to hear from a few of them!!!

Kira Q. WHAT WAS YOUR FAVORITE PART OF YOUR RCR EXPERIENCE? A. There are so many amazing reasons why we chose The Royal Crest Room as our wedding venue. From the beautiful pergola and patio, picturesque grounds, incredible food options and a value that can't be beat, the RCR offers it all! What really made our experience stand out, was working with Jackie. From our very first meeting, we had a sense of ease that everything would be perfect with Jackie advising us and coordinating those important details of the day. Throughout the planning process, she and the rest of the RCR staff was incredibly helpful and responsive. On our wedding day, Jackie went above and beyond to make sure our needs and wishes were fulfilled. Our wedding day was a dream and we can't thank the professional staff at the Royal Crest Room enough! From the moment we met Kira, Kai and their moms, there was an instant connection. The story of how these two met was so sweet. Kira was planning her wedding from New Jersey and didn’t have any trepidations from the very beginning. On their wedding day, they were very at ease and enjoyed their beautiful day. Abigail Q. IF SOMEONE WAS ON THE FENCE ABOUT BEING AN RCR BRIDE, WHAT WOULD YOU TELL THEM? A. I’d tell them to stop debating and reserve the date! I had an amazing experience being an RCR bride. In the midst of all the decisions and stress of planning a wedding, it was a huge blessing to have a venue that included so much as well as an event manager who went above and beyond. The staff at the Royal Crest Room is amazing—My event manager, Jackie, seemed to have a solution for everything and had the best tips for helping my special day go smoothly. I had a wonderful experience, it’ll always be a very special place to my husband and me! We were so impressed by the elegance and sweetness of Abigail. The closeness in their families was so evident. Her photographer was her cousin! He gave her the best wedding gift ever with their gorgeous wedding photos! We have no doubt that wedded bliss will follow this couple for an entire lifetime! Gloria Q. IF SOMEONE WAS ON THE FENCE ABOUT BEING AN RCR BRIDE, WHAT WOULD YOU TELL THEM? A. If someone was on the fence being an RCR bride I would tell them that investing in The Royal Crest Room as my wedding venue was the best decision that I made in planning my wedding. Our experience throughout the planning was first class, responsive and always professional. At our tasting, we realized how AMAZING the food was. They really made our day wonderful and I would nor change it for the world. Gloria's excitement was absolutely contagious. It was such a joy supporting her in her planning as she prepared for her wedding day! And she beamed all day long! Sloane Q. WHAT WAS YOUR FAVORITE PART OF YOUR RCR EXPERIENCE? A. We had our wedding here about a month ago and it was incredible! We do not have enough good things to say -- from the venue to the staff to the food -- it was all wonderful. Jackie was absolutely amazing! They made sure everything was perfect for us and the guests all had a great time. It is absolutely beautiful and they are so flexible and easy to work with. We are so glad we picked the Royal Crest Room! Sloane is one of those brides you wish you could clone. She had the best approach -- don't sweat anything. Just enjoy every moment. it was almost like no one else existed. She was so focused on the man she just married. Really adorable. Jennifer Q. WHAT MADE YOUR WEDDING DAY SPECIAL AT THE RCR? A. You won't find better team than those here at RCR! We looked at several other venues before this one, and they always left us feeling like we would just be another date in their calendar. Not here! Right from the get - go we were welcomed with a warm smile by Kassie, an event manager quickly who became more than a friend! It was an easy decision for us, and one that we continued to be thrilled with! They worked closely with us while planning meals, promptly responding to my dozens of emails, and made sure every detail was just how we envisioned. We were able to hold our rehearsal breakfast (did someone say omelet bar!?) here, which helped the day of to go much smoother. Speaking of day of, what a great team! We got to meet even more of the team that would be helping put our day together, and each one greeted us by name! We truly had our dream wedding, and I feel completely blessed to have Kassie and all the wonderful people at RCR on our side! Jennifer was such a sweetheart. It was fun seeing the adventurous side of a bride – going for the brunch rehearsal breakfast. She was so happy to do something unique for her bridal party. What a fun, thoughtful bride! We all loved working with her. Jeremie Q. WHAT WAS YOUR FAVORITE PART OF YOUR RCR EXPERIENCE? A. All my family from Europe loved it and thought they were in a movie. The landscape, the ceremony and the reception were breathtaking. From the first day we visited the wedding venue, everything was perfect! Thank you to Lizz for all her advice and work and of course a big shout out to Kassie that coordinated our big day. It was just beautiful and magical. Love every moment of it … and all the staff. Jeremie and Kristen were such a laid back and happy couple. It was so interesting working with someone who grew up in Europe, to see things from his perspective. It’s always so great when a groom is especially moved to thank us like this!
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“…Thank you RCR for making our wedding day so memorable! I cannot begin to explain how much I loved and still love the Royal Crest Room.”

From the second we first arrived at the venue, we were in love. We never even visited another wedding venue or did any further research. About a month after we first visited, we had everything booked and started our wedding journey! Kassie was our coordinator and she was simply amazing! I should also mention that although Kassie was our designated coordinator, the entire team was incredibly helpful, and no matter if Kassie was there or not, someone always got back to you, usually within an hour or so of reaching out. We never felt nervous about our wedding day at all…I loved that they offered three different packages. We went with the middle package which included beautiful Chiavari chairs and we got to pick the colors of the chair and the cushions! The flowers were beautiful and the entire property was clean and kept up with. We also ended up going with the linen upgrades, draping both inside and outside, and the chandelier for the pergola. The food was amazing, and we went with the tier two open bar package. Our wedding photos came out amazing because the venue has so many different areas to take beautiful pictures.

“…We had so much fun and loved the way everything turned out.”

The Royal Crest Room was the first venue my husband and I looked at & we didn’t look any further. We loved the outdoor ceremony setup, the simple and beautiful ballroom for the reception & the elegance of the whole place. Once you arrive, it has a very personal feel that you can create whatever fairytale you have in mind for your wedding. The staff at The Royal Crest Room was beyond helpful and amazing…I was so pleased when I first saw the entire place, it was perfect!!! I still have people talking about how much they enjoyed the food, which I feel is a huge part of making people enjoy your wedding as much as you do. When my husband and I picture our wedding day at the Royal Crest Room, we wouldn’t change a thing and wish we could do it all over again!!!

“…I cannot express in words how thankful I am. This venue is THE BEST!”

Where do I start, I had the wedding of my dreams here at The Royal Crest Room. Everyone was so accommodating and friendly. The staff went above and beyond to make my day everything I wished for. Kassie and Jackie were both my managers the day of and they are the reason my day was perfect. Thank you to Freddy and the staff who took care of food service. The food was AMAZING.

“Thank you RCR for giving my husband and me the most memorable and perfect day of our lives.”

The Royal Crest Room is absolutely amazing! It’s a beautiful venue with a stunning outside ceremony area, an adorable cocktail area, and a perfect reception room. The reception area acts as a blank canvas, allowing you to decorate exactly how you want to. It has beautiful chandeliers hanging from the ceiling. We added draping and uplighting to the room and it was gorgeous. My husband and I did all of our planning through Lizz who is an angel because she works to make everything exactly the way you want it. She also gave us suggestions for a photographer, DJ, and florist and they were all wonderful! My husband and I really enjoyed ourselves at our wedding. Everything ran smoothly and the staff made sure my husband and I always had our favorite drink in our hands. And I have heard nothing but wonderful comments from our guests. Everyone loved the venue and the food – the food was fantastic!

“…The day of the wedding itself was so perfect. Words cannot even describe.”

Simply put, this wedding would not have gone smoothly or as perfectly as it did without Lizz and the amazing staff over at the Royal Crest Room. Any email or request or question we had was answered so fast I wonder if they do anything BUT answer emails over there.

We looked at maybe ten other venues before we found Royal Crest and from our first few minutes exploring the many photo locations, the beautiful ceremony site, and the spacious and flexible reception room we jumped in. To top it off, Lizz is honestly the most friendly, upbeat, and knowledgeable woman we have worked with. She asked us questions to things we hadn’t even considered and helped us craft a flawless timeline for the ceremony and reception and made adjustments on the fly that kept the day going smoothly. If anything exploded during the day, we did not see it.

The venue was clean and flawlessly laid out, and the organization and timing of every little detail was perfect. Lizz took us around for photos, kept us on schedule, and helped with every little thing. The food. OMG the food. Incredible. Worth it alone.

“…Every detail and moment was executed perfectly for the day. It was truly everything I had ever prayed for.”

I had my wedding here and it was truly a dream come true. I am on staff at The Royal Crest Room and knew that the team was top notch and so professional. The minute I was able to choose a venue, I knew there was no other place we would choose over The Royal Crest Room. The ceremony space is private and breathtaking. The flowers in the garden are always maintained and beautiful. Our wedding was in the fall so we have fall flowers and it was my absolute favorite. Our family formals at the pergola are some of my most treasured of the entire day. The ballroom is a beautiful open space that I was able to customize to my exact wants for our special day. We scheduled our pictures during sunset and with the beautiful grounds and gorgeous sunset, our pictures came back and are everything I ever wanted. I had very small details that were important to me and they went above and beyond to ensure that everything was done. Our day was truly perfect and it wouldn’t have been possible without the amazing staff of The Royal Crest Room. It was beautiful, stress free, and everything I dreamed of.

Step 1 We don’t believe that planning a wedding and choosing a venue is the same for everyone. We know that RCR Brides are unique and are looking for something extra special. We serve a very specific type of bride who has her eye “on the big picture”… she wants more than the average venue. It’s not just about the room, the view, the food. She needs an incredible EXPERIENCE! The first step towards choosing us as your wedding venue is determining if we’re the perfect fit for you! After you come out and meet us, see all the gorgeous photo spots, and talk about menus and start imagining your wedding here, we’ll move on to the booking process!... Up Next: What Works Best for You THE PROCESS > Step 2 Just as every bride appreciates the fact that there are so many different style wedding gowns to choose from, the RCR Bride is super happy that there are lots of choices for the wedding dinner, décor and beverage service. We purposefully designed our RCR offerings so that stress is taken out of the equation, from the very beginning. You’re going to really love all the The Royal Crest Room options and upgrades you get to pick from! When you tour, you’ll sit down with an Event Manager and find a Collection that is perfect for your vision and budget. We made sure that you get to enjoy fun & easy wedding planning – you won’t worry about things getting overblown, stressful and way too expensive with our customizable menus and packages. Throw a memorable RCR Wedding and still afford an awesome honeymoon! See more… < THE PROCESS > Up Next: Save the Date Step 3 Yay! You were made to be an RCR Couple! Now let’s make sure your date is safe and secure so that we can make this dream a reality! If you don’t know your date yet, when you come in for a tour, we can explain the difference in days of the week and help you decide. You will receive from us after your visit a customized proposal (or two). After you have reviewed everything and it looks great, you’ll pay your deposit to officially save your date with The Royal Crest Room! Now that you’re an official RCR Bride & Groom, it’s time to get started! … < THE PROCESS > Up Next: Choose Your Menu Step 4 Let the fun begin! “It’s all in the details,” they say. This is the day you’ve been dreaming of since you were little. You’ve been to many other weddings, and you’ve been taking mental notes on what you like and don’t like. Let’s get the first thing nailed down … what to serve your guests. These aren’t just any guests. They’re your best friend from high school, your cousin who you haven’t seen in a couple years, the best co-worker you could ever ask for and most of all, the people who raised you, saw you grow into the person you are today. There’s never been a more important dinner to be chosen. So, let’s get choosing, and tasting. We will host your private Menu Tasting where you will begin that delicious process about 5 months prior to your Wedding Day. Our talented Culinary Team and Event Manager will assist you along the way. Being an RCR Couple means loving what you’re serving and pleasing your guests! < THE PROCESS > Up Next: Time for Timeline Step 5 At the same private Tasting, we start taking notes. We want to know what you’ve been planning. If you have a wedding planner, they’re welcome to join us at this meeting! We play our little role in the entire planning process by assisting you with linen selections, the layout of the Ballroom and your general timeline. This is when we hear a little bit more about what your “Dream Board” has had on it and what you’ve been liking on Pinterest. With our extensive vendor contacts, we can recommend so many awesome people who are uber talented in cake design, DJ’ing your party, capturing those all-important photographs and cinematic memories! We know that a lot goes into your incredible EXPERIENCE being an RCR Couple! We want you to have the best of everything and we’ll be sure to be a sounding board or a source of encouragement when you need it along the way … < THE PROCESS > Up Next: Final Countdown Step 6 Once we are 3 weeks out from your big day, we’ll start making sure we’re completely prepared and ready for your wedding! This is when we hear how many people have responded “Yes” and who might need a special dietary meal. Any last-minute menu changes are noted. We work with our RCR Couples to plan their day so they can actually relax on that day and end up with all of those dreamy portraits, fun friend shots and detail images that look like they are straight out of a magazine! < THE PROCESS > Up Next: Your Wedding Day! Step 7 The Day has arrived! It’s time to say your vows, smile, hug and kiss, eat, drink and be merry! Let us get to what we do best … serve you and your guests. This day is going to go faster than you want it to so we make it a priority that you are as relaxed as possible to ensure you have those vivid memories to relish the rest of your life. If you’re worried about every little thing, it’ll all be a blur. That is not what you want and not what we want for you. One of our favorite parts of the wedding day is being out with you while your photographer is capturing those private moments of you two alone…and getting to meet our couples’ families and best friends! After the wedding day, we anxiously await the sneak peaks from your photographer and videographer! We love the romance and stories of our couples’ love! Makes us so happy to have had our part in your love story! < TH PROCESS